Conor McGregor’s boxing trainer Phil Sutcliffe isn’t overly impressed with Dustin Poirier’s boxing skills.

On January 23, at UFC 257, Poirier and McGregor will have a rematch almost six and a half years after their first fight. It’s a very interesting fight considering what happened the first time they fought, however, Sutcliffe believes that if both men stay standing, McGregor will win over Poirier.


Conor has too much boxing ability, Sutcliffe told Mac Life. Poirier comes straight towards you, his arms are wide open. His arms are like that (he opens his arms wide). Conor can kick or punch it or whatever like last time. Now let’s hope Poirier is more powerful than he was. Conor is more powerful now and Poirier will be a little more powerful too because he must have put on some weight.

Conor’s skill percentage compared to Poirier’s is much higher. I’m not saying it’s going to be an easy fight, but Conor has the skill and the strength now. While this is Sutcliffe’s opinion, Poirier is still very technical on his feet and can take McGregor to his limits. We have seen “The Diamond” run wild in the final rounds of some fights and still be able to keep moving forward. If he can do that to the Irishman, maybe he can finally win the fight. However, Sutcliffe is convinced McGregor will get the upper hand over Poirier to win the fight …


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