Anlu Minute 53 ‘of 7 July 2020, San Siro Stadium: Cristiano Ronaldo has just scored the goal of the provisional 2-0 for Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus against Stefano Pioli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Milan. The Rossoneri fans already know the story: it seems like yet another chapter of a very long and disappointing decade of matches lost against the Bianconeri, at home or away, if you prefer, in Serie A or the Italian Cup. Instead, shortly after, something clicks, starting a change that six months later can be defined as epochal: it is the former Rossoneri captain Leonardo Bonucci, with the Bianconeri armband on his arm, to strike Rebic’s headshot and concede to Milan the rigour of hope, later achieved by Ibra.

THE TURNING MATCH: 5 MINUTES TO CHANGE THE STORY, IT WAS FROM 2016 … – In less than five minutes, from 62 ‘to 67’, the story of the latest challenges between the two most successful teams in our football changes: more are coming two goals, signed by Kessie and Leao, curiously the last two scorers in the match against Benevento. A turning point, which will allow Pioli’s team to return to winning a match against Juve, the first since Locatelli’s goal in 2016, but above all, it will give the awareness of being able to play and also be able to win against the Bianconeri, which have now become an insurmountable obstacle: more than the victories against Lazio and Rome, beaten even with Gattuso on the bench, it was this the most important match for what Milan later became, growing game after game, over the course of six months.

RECORD NUMBERS, BUT EXPERIENCES COUNT: SIX MONTHS LATER AT -13? – Record numbers, which continue to surface and reiterate: goals scored, at least two per game from 17 games, consecutive useful results, the missing defeat from 8 March 2020, 37 points after 15 matches, never won in the history of the club. ┬áBut the numbers do little, it is the experiences that give awareness and change beliefs: Milan, from 4-2 in the comeback against CR7 and his team, understood that they could compete with anyone, even with those who dominated the league for nine years. Against Juve it all started, against Juve on Wednesday 6 January, exactly six months later, the victory of the definitive awareness of the hypothetical way to qualify for the Champions League can come, since it would send the former Pirlo to -13, albeit with one more match. And who knows, maybe even something more important …

MILAN IS WORTH ONE-THIRD OF THE JUVE – Curious to say, as highlighted last night by Sandro Piccinini on Sky, if you go to check the value of the two teams, at least considering the owners and first reserves. The cost of Milan is much lower: the thirteen best Juventus players cost 511 million, the Rossoneri 144 million. Less than a third, confirming that Paolo Maldini and his staff bought players at prices lower than their real value: a value that certainly increased, thanks to the results of Pioli’s men. But that will not be forgotten, on the evening of the Befana, when Milan and Juve take the field.


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