google-site-verification=1gi2No_7-aaPU78-LGfKYp8aF4OKFUzdYxa3MFjhB5s Gérard Lopez is no longer the owner of LOSC. The Spanish-Luxembourg businessman, who has officially sold his shares to the company Callisto, is replaced by Olivier Létang. Luis Campos also leaves the northern club.

It is the end of a short but rich era on the side of LOSC. A little less than four years after his arrival, Gérard Lopez is no longer the owner of the northern club. Put under pressure by the investment fund Elliott, the lessor of Lille, the Spanish-Luxembourg businessman, sold his holding company Victory Soccer to the company Castillo, owned by Merlyn Partners SCSI. The 48-year-old businessman leaves with his advisor, Luis Campos.

Lopez leaves with his head held high “ My goal has always been to put LOSC on a sporting level. When I became president, the club was in 17th place in Ligue 1. Today the team has excellent sporting results and is ranked 1st in Ligue 1. I have achieved my goal and I believe that now is the time for a new owner to take over, and for me to focus on other sports businesses, ”said the now-former owner of the northern training in a statement.

“ Given the recent difficulties in Ligue 1 and in particular the uncertainty surrounding the contract for the TV rights for the French championship, it is important that the LOSC be held by a reference owner, with recognized financial strength like Merlyn. Under my aegis, and while maintaining high sporting ambitions, we have invested more than € 150 million in player purchases and generated even more income. So I’m leaving the club leaving behind a legacy of talent for the future, ”added Lopez. Létang relies on Galtier As expected, it is the former leader of Paris Saint-Germain and Rennes, Olivier Létang, who takes over. An immense pride for the Manceau. “ It is a great honour to become the new president of LOSC, this stronghold of French football. My intention is for the club to reach its full potential and I will ensure that the LOSC is managed well sportingly and financially, for the benefit of the supporters and the LOSC community, with football at the heart of the project. I want to thank everyone in the club who will be working hard on Mr Lopez’s transition. I am also delighted to have Christophe Galtier by my side, a high-level trainer whom I appreciate as a man and as a professional, ”said the 48-year-old. The beginning of What do you think of these changes in Lille? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the ” Add a comment ” area …

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