UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov no longer considers it possible to meet in a duel with Tony Ferguson… In an interview with ESPN, Khabib talked about the changes he saw in Tony during his fight with Justin Gajee in May at UFC 249. On Tony Ferguson’s defeat by Justin Gaethje:

“To be honest, I’m a little sorry. Before their fight, I wrote to Ali that due to Tony’s left leg surgery, a pair of low kicks would end the fight. Tony started the fight in a left-handed stance, although he is not left-handed. After the first round was over, Tony started to get a little nervous because his plan was not working. In the second round, it didn’t work either, but in the end, I hit with a good uppercut. After the third round, it was all over. Justin realized that he was much faster, he had heavy low kicks, punches. Tony can’t knock him down. And he himself fought smartly, constantly moving. Finished the fight at the end of the fifth round.

No one can maintain their level for a long time. Neither Tony nor Khabib is anyone. Someone will beat you one day. The Lord does not give anyone a certain level of power, reaction forever. One day this level will fall. His day has come. Was it April or May? May, yes. Tony Ferguson’s time is over. Now someone can beat him again. Because after such damage, you will never be the same. He took too much damage. You saw how he surrendered at the end of the fight. He did this. (Shows hand movement, indicating enough is enough.)

Tony Ferguson is an outstanding fighter. Now he has a choice. He can fly in and fight Islam Makhachev on Boytsovsky Island. He has a winning streak of six fights. He’s almost top 10. He has a name. Why not? The UFC will give him good money. Ali Abdelaziz will give him 100 thousand and another 100 thousand. He has a chance to fight Makhachev. And after that, maybe he can fight for the title if he wins. But I think his time is gone. ” On Tony Ferguson’s decision to be weighed twice ahead of UFC 249:

“Stupid. Stupid. I like Tony, but he’s stupid. He doesn’t stop talking about me. Why are you talking about me? Justin smeared you in May, why do you keep talking? If you want to advertise yourself, then well, I agree. But if you think that by such conversations you will lead yourself to a special position, then this only shows the weakness of the mind. Our meeting is possible if he comes back, but I don’t think it’s real.

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