La Ceiba Milan Skriniar has always been associated with the big clubs in England. A constant from the times of Manchester City with Guardiola who tried in the past until Tottenham’s attempt in the last days of the last summer transfer market, never exceeded the 35 million mark so that Inter refused without thinking about it, keeping the Slovak defender with him. Skriniar today is in a totally different condition, convinced Antonio Conte and is no longer easily expendable as in the summer.

THE ANSWER  – From the English front,  there is no real confirmation of an upcoming offer from Liverpool. The reason? Manager Jurgen Klopp and the corporate structure know that  50 million euros would not be enough to take Skriniar in January, therefore a too expensive purchase for the  Reds who do not rule out remaining with these pawns in defence despite the many injuries. The approval for Skriniar is there, but at these costs, nothing is done and  Inter do not make discounts of 40

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