November 28, 2020

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Jimenez does not lie: Juve made their offer, the blitz in London and 80 million at stake

Jimenez does not mind Juve made his offer, the blitz in London and 80 million at stake

Raul Jimenez told the whole truth. He did so with sincerity in the last few hours, because the Mexican centre forward confessed that he was “treated by  Juventus even before an attempt by Manchester United”, a realistic approach by the Juventus management dating back to last August. Yes, because a  blitz by ds Fabio Paratici in London also served to test the ground for Jimenez, a welcome striker for characteristics and qualities suitable for the Juventus game idea.

HOW IT WENT  – Juventus took action on several strikers at the same time to avoid being caught unprepared, from the first choice Dzeko to the Atlético refusals for Morata without forgetting the Suarez issue. The Jimenez operation did not take off because Wolverhampton immediately asked for 80 million, a fixed amount without discounts, especially without particularly facilitated payment methods such as those stipulated with Atlético for Morata at the last corner of the market. That is, no loans with the right of redemption, which is why  Juve pulled back despite Jimenez was really much appreciated. But such a deal in a complex summer prevented us from proceeding on that front. In the future, who knows …