November 27, 2020

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Cutrone, Milan are a memory: numbers to forget. And the redemption with Fiorentina is far away

Cutrone, Milan are a memory: numbers to forget. And the redemption with Fiorentina is far away

There was a young man who shone, exalted, dragged and, not to be underestimated if you are a striker, scored. In the summer of formal things, he had opened the season with a goal in Lugano, scoring a brace also against Crotone at the first of the season in A. Milan did not hit his goals. Still, Patrick Cutrone showed that he was one you can count on: 10 goals in his first real year in Serie A, 2 in the Italian Cup, 6 in the Europa League. Then the second season, wherewith Gattuso the Champions do not arrive only for a point, where he finds himself first closed by Higuain and then by Piatek: 4 goals in EL, two in the Italian Cup, 3 in the league. Among the top 10, there was one, against Chievo, who showed the pasta of this class of ’98: after the usual Var wait, the match director gave the goal, the 63 ran fast in goal to take the ball and encourage the crowd, the stadium exploded into a roar for her boyfriend. Then the transfer to Wolverhampton, a bolt from the sky of the budget: and hence the difficulties.

GOALS:- Patrick Cutrone seems to no longer be one of the first years at Milan in terms of goals and of the second year at Milan in terms of enthusiasm: difficulty, little continuity, very few goals and difficulty in shining in the eyes of the coaches he has met in recent months: first Nuno Espirito Santos, then Iachini. The tally is 8 goals in a year and a half. Less than those of his first season in A. Now with Cesare Prandelli, the cards can change, there is a new coach (the third in a year and a half) to try to convince and a ransom to be taken. Yes, because the ransom is not yet certain …

ATTENDANCE: – The redemption, set at 18 million euros, will become mandatory when Cutrone reaches 26 appearances as owner. But now it’s stuck at 12 in almost a purple year. Therefore, the possibility of becoming a player of Fiorentina is still far away, in that Italy where he wanted to return at all costs after the parenthesis with the Wolves: nothing is lost for Cutrone. But there is a need to accelerate. And go back to being that of Milan.