November 28, 2020

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Tyson Fury: Usyk becomes a lamb for the slaughter for a big heavyweight with a punch

Tyson Fury: Usyk becomes a lamb for the slaughter for a big heavyweight with a punch

WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury changed his mind about the prospects of the former undisputed world champion in the first heavyweight Alexandra Usik after his recent fight against Derek Chisora, in which the Ukrainian won by unanimous decision. Earlier, Fury said that only he and Usyk could defeatDeontay Wilder, but now he believes that top heavyweights should not be afraid of Usik.

“Have we seen the best Alexander Usik? Not sure. Have we seen the best Alexander Usik in the heavyweight division? I don’t know, ”Fury said about the Usyk-Chisora ​​fight in an interview with talkSPORT. – But after this performance, I can say that none of the top 15 heavyweights at the moment are worried about Alexander Usik, unfortunately. None of us is shaking at the veins. Everyone thinks: “And that was the noise.”

“This is a heavyweight, and the heavyweights are not what they used to be, and Chisora ​​is probably the smallest of us,” Fury added. “To be honest, I think when he meets a big heavyweight with a good shot, he will become a lamb to the slaughter. I believe there is a reason why heavyweights and heavyweight boxers are separated. I understand that all successful first heavyweight boxers want to move up to heavyweight to make big money. They all want a piece of the pie, but the weight classes are not in vain. ”

“After his last performance, I realized that I thought of him better than he did, because I highly appreciated Alexander Usik as a very technical boxer in the first heavyweight division. But in the heavyweight division, he didn’t show anything that impressed me, to be honest, ”Fury said of Usik.