November 27, 2020

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Transfer market Juventus and Inter, turning ter Stegen

Transfer market Juventus and Inter, turning ter Stegen

Juventus and Inter keep their attention on what is happening at Barcelona. The relationship between Ter Stegen and Leo Messi would be anything but idyllic.

Among the pillars of Barcelona, there is certainly Marc-Andrè Ter Stegen, the German extreme defender who has saved the Catalan rearguard in several circumstances. Although not a senator like the various Leo MessiJordi Alba,  Gerard  Piqué or  Sergio Busquets, the German goalkeeper remains among the most recognized and influential figures in the Blaugrana locker room.

Nonetheless, as pointed out by ‘’ in recent times, the relationship between Ter Stegen and Messi has only worsened. Among the aspects addressed by the two is the relationship with the company and with the board. On the one hand, there is the ‘Flea’ who, despite a rapprochement with the environment, has no intention of reducing his salary by fueling rumours and doubts about his future. On the other side, there is the German goalkeeper who has instead found a meeting point with the club.

In recent months they had already had a strong confrontation in training. Still, now it seems that the division in the locker room resulting from the negotiations with the management is more evident than ever. The relationship between Messi and Ter Stegen is now broken. Spectators interested at a distance are Inter and Juventus, repeatedly approached by the Teutonic extreme defender who has also returned from a long injury. However, Ter Stegen has a very high market valuation, no less than 80 million euros.