November 28, 2020

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Inter, only 2-2 against Parma: equal caught in extremis, the connection to Milan failed

Inter only 2-2 against Parma equal caught in extremis the connection to Milan failed

Inter stop. Without Lukaku, Conte’s team catches up again in extremis against Parma of the former market goal Gervinho. Ko in the derby two weeks ago, only equal today in advance of the sixth day. There was the possibility of reaching the Rossoneri cousins ​​at the top, but the Nerazzurri must slow down.

DOUBLE GERVINHO – To open the match a brace from Gervinho: first touch on the fly on a delightful assist from Hernani, then a precise right on the filter by Inglese. And Inter? Conte’s team had started very strong: Perisic, Lautaro, Hakimi, all dangerous. All inaccurate. Under 2-0, the shock was given by Brozovic, came off the bench and immediately scored. Then, a miracle by Sepe on Ranocchia, another header by Hakimi  (easier for the Parma goalkeeper), and many protests for a penalty not given: Perisic falls in the area after contact with Balogh. For the race director, there is nothing. In full recovery, however, Ivan Perisic’s goal arrived to give Conte and Inter a 2-2 draw. A peer who at one point, seemed unexpected.  And that it could turn into victory if Vidal’s header didn’t go out. A peer who does not allow reaching the top.