October 30, 2020

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Cristiano Ronaldo replies to Spadafora: ‘All false, I respected the protocol’

Cristiano Ronaldo replies to Spadafora

Cristiano Ronaldo is not there. The Juventus champion, live on Instagram, replied to the Minister for youth policies and sport Vincenzo Spadafora, who in recent days had said: “If Cristiano Ronaldo has violated the protocol? Yes, I think so, if there are no state-specific authorizations from the health authority “.

THE REPLICA – The reply came via social media, during a live broadcast on Instagram: “All false, I respected the protocol”

‘ I’m GOOD’ – Then again, regarding its conditions: “As you can see, I am fine. I am asymptomatic and I slept well last night. I wanted to thank you for the many messages of support you have sent me. I hope to be back soon to train, play, and enjoy my life. I am passing quarantine at home, in Turin. My family lives on another floor of the house and we have no contacts. When you feel good, you have no problems. It is not true that I have violated the protocol “.

ON THE FLIGHT TO PORTUGAL –  “I returned (from Portugal) with an ambulance, I had no contact with anyone. I did everything with permission. What we are talking about is all false. A gentleman whose name I do not want to mention in Italy says that I have not followed the protocol, but it is false. I have respected and will respect the protocols. I am calm.