October 30, 2020

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Avery Bradley donated $ 30,000 to the WNBA bubble

Avery Bradley donated $ 30,000 to the WNBA bubble

Avery Bradley did not join his teammates to be part of the NBA bubble at Disney World, but he did ensure that his sister league, the WNBA, successfully ran theirs.

Together with his wife Ashley, the Los Angeles Lakers guard donated about $ 30,000 in supplies, material, and everything necessary to help the players. The Bradley family got in direct contact with the WNBA leadership to ask if they needed any kind of financial help and ensure the viability of the bubble they were organizing in Bradenton, Florida. The couple requested a list that would collect all those materials or supplies that could be useful to the players during their confinement.

Although the NBA has spared no expense to ensure the completion of its season – there is talk of an investment close to 150 million dollars – the WNBA cannot afford the same resources and the support received has been much less. While NBA players stayed in luxury hotels within the Disney World resort, WNBA players had to settle for living on the IMG Academy campus.

The Lakers outside specialist knew that his little gesture would make a big difference to the improvement of the players’ conditions during his stay in Bradenton.

Avery Bradley did not travel to Orlando with the Los Angeles squad to care for his oldest son, who suffers from respiratory problems. A delicate absence that, finally, the Lakers have been able to overcome to win the championship. A ring that the bodyguard will also receive, as the organization had communicated as soon as his resignation was finalized.

Despite his physical absence, Bradley followed his team’s current affairs at all times and kept in touch with coach Frank Vogel. As soon as the Laker’s title was confirmed, the player acknowledged having lived through the entire bubble with intensity despite not having been present.