October 30, 2020

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Juventus anxiety, Dybala is still out: the conditions of the Argentine

Dybala is still out

Intestinal problems for the striker, who did not take the field with his national team. In Crotone’s probable employment of Morata.

Paulo Dybala: un talento diviso tra Argentina, Italia e Polonia
Soprannominato “La Joya”, Paulo Dybala è un centravanti moderno che può essere utilizzato su tutte le zone d’attacco. Arrivato in Italia sponda Palermo è stato poi assoldato tra le fila della Juventus.

Paulo Dybala could miss Juventus’ trip to Crotone. The Argentine, struck by an intestinal problem in recent days, missed his commitments with his national team and, still weakened, decided (as confirmed by the Argentine Federation through an official note) to return early to Turin, where his situation physics will be evaluated by the Juventus doctors.

Barring sensational reversals, Dybala will be forced to watch his teammates on TV and the coach Andrea Pirlo could make a virtue of necessity by deploying from the first minute the Spaniard Alvaro Morata, who was able to work only in training given the failure to call up. by the Spanish national team of Luis Enrique.

Dybala’s seasonal debut, therefore, is still postponed. Joya should have taken the field against Napoli, but the Neapolitan forfeit has canceled any possibility of seeing him on the field with the black and white shirt before the break.

The Argentine has not played since last August 7, in the unlucky Champions League match against Lyon. At the time he was back from an injury (elongation of the rectus femoris muscle of the left thigh), but Maurizio Sarri tried to send him on the field in a desperate search for the qualifying goal.

After 12 minutes, however, Dybala was forced to ask to be replaced, so as not to run the risk of aggravating his injury. Since then he hasn’t set foot on the pitch in official matches: he spent the entire 90 minutes of the match against Roma on the bench, before the ghost match against Napoli and the new problems in the national team.

Pirlo, however, could still embrace La Joya in the debut match in the Champions League, on October 20 against Dynamo Kyiv.

Juventus anxiety, Dybala is still out: the conditions of the Argentine